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What Is The Cost Of An Event At La Bella Vita?

Most events are customized to each individual event with too many variables to have a set price. While touring the venue all options can be explored.

Are aisle runners allowed?

Yes, in fact we usually provide the aisle runners

Are Animals permitted?

No personal animals of any kind are allowed, only certified handicap service animals are permitted.

Are babysitting services available?

No, not at this time.

Are cabs easily accessible from the venue?

We are 15 minutes from downtown New Orleans, as well as the surrounding regions, and a cab is only a phone call away.

Are guests permitted to throw rice or confetti?

Bubbles, rice, birdseed, confetti, or any of these type items are not allowed.

Am I allowed to use an outside caterer?

No, Outside catering is not allowed.

Am I required to use your vendors?

No, We do not have a list of preferred vendors, however we do have several good recommendations for everything from DJ’s to Bands, Bakeries, and Florists.

Are Kids Couted As Guests?

Children over the age of 3 are counted as guests.

Are other events scheduled on the same day?

Yes, we may have an afternoon event followed by an evening event.

Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided, or will I have to rent them myself or get them through my caterer?

We provide all of the items listed above.

Are there adequate restroom facilities?

Yes we have three large handicap accessible restrooms.

Are there additional charges for bar staff?

No, no extra charges.

Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions?

Yes, these will be discussed upon the execution of the contract.

Are there restrictions on what kind of music I can play, or a time by which the music must end?

Music must for be appropriate for the guest, at a reasonable volume. Music ends at the end of the event.

Are you licensed to provide alcohol service?

Yes, we are licensed to serve alcohol both on site and off site events.

Can We Do A Food Tasting Prior To Finalizing Our Menu Selection? If So, Is There An Additional Charge?

We Do Not Do Food Tasting As A Rule, However We Are Still Co-Owner/Operators Of A Local New Orleans Restaurant “Vucinovich’s Restaurant”. We Do Lunch 5 Days A Week Until 2:00pm, And You Can Taste Most Of Our Dishes At Our Restaurant.

Can The Venue Accommodate A DJ Or Live Band? What Is Your Policy For Setting Up And Do You Have Facilities For Vendors Can Hook Up Their Equipment To Yours?

DJ’s And/Or Bands Are Allowed At LA BELLA VITA, We Provide Adequate Staging For Either, And We Have An Entire Wall With Each Outlet On Separate Circuits To Supply Adequate Electricity For Most Vendor’s Needs. Special Needs Will Be Addressed On A Case-By-Case Basis.

Can I bring in a cake from an outside cake maker or must I use a cake made on the premises?

Yes, you may bring in a cake, but it must be from a bakery or a restaurant who are also licensed and insured.

Can I bring my own wine or champagne?

Yes, but we do provide both wine and champagne. Red wine is not allowed.

Can I hold my ceremony here, Is there an additional charge?

Yes, we do have ceremonies on site, and there is an additional charge.

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?

Upon executing a contract we can certainly discuss how you would like the venue set. Most things are easily able to move to suit each individual clients taste.

Can I use real candles?

Candles are a fire hazard and are typically not allowed, there are exceptions, and we decide this on a case by case basis.

Can You Accommodate Physically Challenged Guests?

Absolutely, All Of Our Bathrooms Are Up To Modern Code And Are Handicap Accessible, Along With Handicap Accessible Sidewalks, Ramps, And Parking.

Can We Do A Rehearsal?

A Rehearsal Can Be Arranged, depending on the availability of the hall, if you choose to use the hall to rehearse there will be a fee.

Do I Need A Planner?

We Have Been Planning And Catering Events And Weddings For Over 30 Years, And Will Soon Be Certified Event Planners. You Can Bring In Your Own Planner, Use Ours, Or We Do Assist With All Aspects Of The Event, Once You Arrive At The Venue.

Do I Need To Hire My Own Security Guards, Or Does The Site Hire Them Or Have Them On Staff?

Security Is Supplied By La Bella Vita In The Form Of St. Bernard Parish Police Officer. If Extra Security Is Required It Will Be At The Client’s Expense.

Do You Offer Décor?

All Of LA BELLA VITA’S Décor Is Available For Your Use, You Can Add To What Is Existing, Or Bring In Your Own.

Do You Rent Only The Hall?

No We do not rent just the space, catering, bar, tables & chairs, etc., are all included in our packages.

Do You Offer On-Site Coordination? If So, What Services Are Included And Is There An Additional Charge For Them?

If You Want Your Wedding Completely Coordinated, There Is An Additional Charge.

Do You Offer Valet Parking, And What Is The Charge?

Not At This Time, But It Is In The Plans For The Future.

How Early Can Deliveries Be Made?

Vendors Will Contact The Venue Directly To Make Arrangements For Deliveries.

How Long Do I Have The Space?

The Times Will Be Decided Upon Execution Of Your Contract.

How Many People Can This Location Accommodate?

The Venue Can Hold Up To 600 Guests.

How Much Is The Deposit, When Is It Due, And Is It Refundable?

A $1,500.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Is Due Upon The Execution Of Your Contract.

Is There A Cake-Cutting Fee?

There Is No Fee For Cutting And Serving Your Cake.

Is There A Discount For Booking An Off-Season Date Or Sunday Through Friday?


Is Alcohol Included In The Price Per Person?

Yes, We Serve Top Shelf Liquors, And Bottle Beer, With And Option To Upgrade To Premium Alcohol.

Is It Possible To Have A Ceremony Onsite?

Yes, We Have A Beautiful Arch And Candelabras, And Include The Aisle Runner, And Other Amenities.

Is The Rental Fee Cheaper If We Don’t Book A Saturday Night?

Saturday And Friday Nights Are The Most Popular Nights, And Other Days, Afternoons, And Evenings, Could Possibly Be Discounted.

Is Smoking Allowed At My Event?

LA BELLA VITA Is A Non-Smoking Venue, With A Lovely Smoking Section Provided Outdoors.

Is There An Extra Charge To Get Married On Site?

Yes there is a nominal fee for an extra 30 minutes, ceremony arch and aisle runner, plus event coordinator is also available to cue both music and wedding party.

Is There A Bride’s Changing Area?

Yes, We Have A 1,000 Square Foot Bridal Suite, Complete With It’s Own Bar, Buffet Table Set, And Large Bathroom.

Is There An Overtime Fee If I Stay Longer?

There Is A Fee For Each 30 Minutes That The Event Extends. The Fee Will Be Decided On A Case By Case Basis. Depending On The Size Of The Crew, And If The Hours Are Going Into Overtime Pay.

Is There Parking On Site? If So, Is It Complimentary?

We Have A Free Large Well Lighted Parking Lot That’s In A Extremely Safe Neighborhood.

What Is Your Alcohol Policy?

You Must Be 21 Years Of Age To Consume Alcohol At Our Venue. Many People Think That Because It’s A Wedding Venue, 18 Year Olds Can Drink – This Is Not True. We Hold The Same Type Of Liquor License As Most Bars And Lounges And Abide By The Same Laws Of Service.

What Is Your Payment And Cancellation Policy?

A $1,500.00 Deposit Is Required Upon Execution Of Your Contract, Half Way To The Wedding Or Event You Must Have Half The Balance Paid, 30 Days Prior To The Event, You Must Be Paid In Full. Under No Circumstances Are Any Deposits Or Monies Paid Refundable Or Transferable. There Is A Clause In The Contract That Considers “Acts Of God” Or Evacuation By “Civil Authority” Which Allows For The Event To Be Rescheduled.

What Is Included

All linens, centerpieces, candelabras, security, catering, top self-liquors, and in house decor.

What Are Acceptable Forms Of Payment?

1)… Cash ~ 2)… Cashier’s Checks ~ 3)… Travelers Checks

Will You Hold My Date?

Occasionally a 2 week curtesy hold will be offered, but to insure the reservation of your date, you must sign a contract and place a deposit.

Who Counts The Guest?

The Police Officer At The Door Counts The Guests As They Arrive, He Provides The Management With The Count As Directed By Management.

What Happens If Your Guest Count Exceeds The Amount Of Guests That You Have Paid For?

Payment Is Due Immediately That Evening, In Cash Only.

Are your health department and insurance certificates up to date?

Yes we are currently permitted by the DHH, with recent inspections available upon request.


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